Celebrating the Universality of the Church


  • Enriches K-8 curriculum throughout the entire school year
  • Material can be customized to cover a requested topic (with proper lead time)
  • Material accessed online and updated frequently—No need to wait for textbooks to be revised and reprinted
  • An excellent tool in a school’s anti-racism toolbox
  • Can help fulfill the 2018 directive from the USCCB which calls on Catholic schools to “develop curricula relating to racism and reconciliation.” (Open Wide Our Hearts: the Enduring Call to Love)


BlackCatholicHistory is the internationally taught K-8 curriculum supplement which enriches Social Studies, Religion, and English/Language Arts lesson plans. It emphasizes the universality of the Church and devotion to the Blessed Mother under the title Our Lady of Kibeho. This program can be utilized in Catholic elementary schools, parish R.E. programs, and Catholic home school groups. BlackCatholicHistory is currently taught in Catholic schools across the United States and in Uganda.


The program’s material spans the history of Black Catholics from Catholicism in Africa during the early centuries of the Church to present day canonization processes of African-American candidates (one of these candidates may soon be the Church’s first African American saint). The material is produced in grade appropriate handouts to be integrated throughout the year in Social Studies, Religion, and Language Arts curriculum. Teacher Guides provide specific suggestions on inclusion of this material in the current curriculum guidelines


The material is accessed through the website BlackCatholicHistory.com. Categories on the website include American History, African History, Saints, Blessed Mother and Let’s Meet…. (interviews with inspirational Black Catholics). New material is produced and posted yearly. Teachers have access to the entire program and could utilize handouts as best fit the particular need/ability of their students. Older students could access the material themselves if approved by faculty.

What’s Inside?

What’s Inside?

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